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  • First Sunday of the month is an open roda.
  • Beginners are always welcome to drop-in at any class.

fall 2014 kids class: Saturdays, 10am-11am

fall 2014 family class: Thursdays, 4:30-6pm

Children love to sing, dance, make music and play. Capoeira Angola is a fun and engaging art form that promotes the development of coordination, self-esteem, balance, strength, agility and more. Through the fundamental elements of cooperation, creativity and natural movements, children support each other and exceed their limitations.

Each class focuses on elements of achievement, leadership and community. Capoeira is by nature, a social art that is always played and practiced in a group. In these classes children enhance their musical, physical and social capacities through active and interactive participation.

The kids and family 2014 fall 6-week session goes September 27 to November 1, in a sliding scale payment that goes 60 to 90 dollars. Don’t miss that, come and have fun with us.


Union Cultural Center

803 S. King St.

Seattle, WA 98104

Corner of S. King St. + 8 Ave. S., International District