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Mestre Pastinha Weekend 2014 November 14-16

We’ll have a weekend full of capoeira movement and music classes led by Mestre Jurandir (FICA – BH), Mestre Valmir (FICA – BA), and Contramestre Andrea (FICA – Oakland). We will also have a class in Afro-Peruvian artistic traditions provided by the de Cajón Project.

The cost for the weekend is as follows:

Early Registration, by September 30:

  • Package discount: Groups of six who register as a group pay only $600 (they need to make a single group payment).
  • 3 Days: $135
  • 1 Day: $60

After October 1:

  • 3 Days: $165
  • 1 Day: $75

Here’s how you can pay:

  • Via PayPal.

    Click “Send money,” enter , enter the amount, and hit “Send”. Send us an email with your payment info.

  • Mail a check payable to ICAF Seattle to International Capoeira Angola Foundation, PO Box 14273, Seattle WA 98114. Write Pastinha Weekend on check in byline.
  • Pay cash at the event

Download the FICA Seattle Pastinha Weekend Registration Form


Friday 14 Nov.

  • 6pm- 9pm: registration/ open roda (white clothes)

Saturday 15 Nov.

  • 9am – 11am: class
  • 11am – 12pm: lunch break
  • 12pm – 1pm: kids class
  • 1pm – 3pm: class
  • 3pm -4pm: discussion with mestres and guests: “Mestre Pastinha Life and Legacy”
  • 4pm : roda
  • 8pm : benefit party for the Mestre Pastinha weekend at UCC

Sunday 16 Nov.

  • 9am – 11am : class
  • 11am – 12pm: lunch break
  • 12pm – 1pm: De Cajon, workhop with Monica Rojas
  • 1pm – 3pm: class
  • 3pm: final roda and acknowledgments

Important Note: Please bring your berimbau and dobrão. We do not have enough to provide everyone. If you expect to play one for music classes, bring your own!

The event will be hosted at UCC and surrounding areas. We will meet in the
mornigs at UCC, 803 south king st, seattle, WA, 98104

We’ll keep updating information regarding the schedule, housing, and nearby amenities, so keep checking back.



Movie Night at the studio

May 3, 2014, 6:30pm to 9pm.

We will screen the film Ciclovida, with potluck and discusion to follow.

Kids are welcome, invite your friends, open for all community.

Ciclovida: Lifecycle pedals alongside a group of subsistence farmers from Brazil who bicycle over 6,000 miles across the South American continent in search of natural seeds.
This feature-length documentary is made up of moving stories from landless peasants, indigenous communities, and small farmers that expose the devastating effects of industrial agriculture destined for agrofuels.”


Capoeira Angola classes at WWU Bellingham

May 6 2014, 11am – 12:20pm / 2pm – 3:20pm

Commissary building, south end of campus.


Capoeira Angola Performance at North Seattle Community College

May 14 2014, 12-1pm


Treinel Huu from FICA Chicago visiting Olympia and Seattle

May 16 – 18 2014

  • May 16: Olympia – Class 1pm – 3pm/ roda and potluck 3pm – 4:30
  • May 17 – 18: Seattle – classes and rodas

Northwest Folklife Festival: Capoeira Angola workshops, rodas, performances

May 24 – 25 2014

  • May 24 2 – 5pm Performance at Afro-Latino showcase (Cornish)
  • May 25 11 – 11:50am Kids workshop (Discovery Zone); 2 – 2:50pm All ages workshop (Armory Loft West)


Afro-Brazilian festival at WWU Bellingham

May 31 2014

Capoeira Angola workshops, rodas, Brazilian dance, African dance.

Guests: Treinel Daniel (FICA Oakland), Manimou Camara, Dora Oliveira


Capoeira Angola workshops, movie presentation, and discussions w/ Mestre Cobra Mansa

June 1 – 8 2014



Workshops with Mestre René

Feb. 28 – March 2, 2014

Mestre René, from Grupo ACANNE (Associação Capoeira Angola Navio Negreiro) in Salvador Bahia, comes to the USA for the second time to lead workshops in Capoeira Angola movements, music, and philosophies.

His last year’s event here with FICA was a well-attended, exciting, eye-opening experience and we are pleased and honored to have him present here again this year.


  • Friday 2/28:
  • Roda 7-9 pm


  • Saturday 3/1:
  • Movement 10am-12pm
  • Lecture 1-2pm
    Movement 2-4pm
    Roda 4-6pm
    Potluck 6pm


  • Sunday 3/2:
  • Movement 11am-1 pm
    Music 2-4 pm
    Roda 4-6 pm
    Potluck 6 pm
  • $20 drop-in
  • $35 per day
  • $50 weekend package
Mestre Renê in Ecuador Summer 2013
Mestre Renê in Ecuador Summer 2013



Hello friends

I am writing down the December 2013 schedule. We have such a great events coming up at the Union Cultural Center, please try to schedule yourself to attend and enjoy our activities for the end of the year:
December 1: 4pm wheel and potuluck celebration to say “have a nice trip” to Hawaii for our loved friend zach. please lets play capoeira and share some good snacks after wheel.
December 7: 3-8pm Collective Craft Bazaar, a day to get together and share your creativity
December 15: Union Cultural Center end of the year party:
3pm Capoeira Angola wheel with white clothes
6pm potuluck celebration, happy holydays
December 21: Dialogues of Healing and Resistance
6-630pm: potluck
6:30-9pm:dialogues and performances
guests: Gabriela Condrea, Liezel, Brysen, Silvio
that is it and hope see you around in december to wish a good holidays
We are happy to announce our Capoeira kids class fall/winter 2013 at the Union Cultural Center. The first class will be October 05, 10-11am and is going to be a welcome family class. Parents and kids are welcome to participate and feel the energy and fun of the Afro-Brazilian martial art. Please have confortable clothes for you and your kid for this class, and comfortable shoes. We are working with the kids ages 6 to 14 years old.
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art based in oral tradition. It’s practice combines acrobatics, music, history and philosophy. Played in a circle, the game of Capoeira is an improvised combination of graceful movements, rituals and dance. In this class kids will learn how to do the basics movements of Capoeira such as ginga, cartwheel, handstand and bridge. They also will have opportunity to play the Capoeira instruments and learn songs in Brazilian Portuguese.
Class schedlue:
October 05, 10 – 11am : introduction class, free class for parents and kids
Regular classes 10 – 11am, parents are welcome to participate without charge:
10/12 ; 10/19 ; 10/26
11/02 ; 11/09 ; 11/16 ; 11/23
12/07 ; 12/14 ; 12/21
12/21: closing celebration with students and families, potluck and students performances.
Thank you so much for all your support and we are looking forward to see you in class
silvio dos reis
uinion cultural center
803 south king st
seattle, wa, 98118



MARCH 2013

We had Mestre Cobra Mansa visiting the West Coast for a series of Capoeira Angola workshops and one lecture about PERMACULTURE and his work in Brazil at KILOMBO TENONDE. Everybody who came out got to experience Mestre Cobra Mansa’s vision, experience, and powerful energy. As the founder of International Capoeira Angola Foundation and Kilombo Tenonde, Mestre Cobra Mansa is a living testament to how our work in the small roda pays off in the big roda of life.

We have the honor to host Mestre Rene from ACANNE for a weekend of
workshops in SEATTLE. The event is open for all levels. Come to enjoy
a good time with Mestre Rene at the Union Cultural Center.


SATURDAY/ FEB 16 : capoeira angola workshop – 11am to 1pm
capoeira angola music class – 2pm to 3pm
“bring your own berimbau”
capoeira angola open roda – 3pm to 5pm

SUNDAY / FEB 17 : capoeira angola workshop 10am to 12pm
discussion with mestre rene 1pm to 2pm
“acanne and capoeira angola
in brasil, working with kids and youths”
open roda with white clothes 3pm to 5pm

workshop fees: $20 per class OR $50 for the weekend
to register please contact:

mestre silvinho


Sunday, January 15th, 2011, 10am – 5pm at Union Cultural Center

Now is time to plan 2012.
Pacific Northwest region: Bellingham, Seattle, Portland and Olympia groups, let’s get to know each other and compare notes on how we are running classes and rodas.

The Schedule:

10am – capoeira angola class, music and moviments, with Treinel Daniel from Oakland

1pm – lunch

2pm – discussion

3:30pm – roda

The discussion will be the main point of the encounter. Present yourselves, report on how your group is doing, dificulties, sugestions for activites, workshops, fund raising, rodas, seminars, general events.

On the Agenda:

The Afro Brazilian Festivals for the spring – Bellingham and Olympia

Mestre Silvinho agenda for classes and rodas

Mestre Jurandir fund raising

2012 Womens Conference in Hawaii

2012 FICA International Conference in Mexico

$10.00 for the lunch, or let’s share– you can bring a dish as a potluck. Fruits and non-alcoholic drinks are welcome too.
Looking forward to seeing most of you here to begin the new year with a good energy. Thanks! Mestre Silvinho.


Saturday, June 25th, 2011, 6pm at Union Cultural Center

The Union Cultural Center is moving to an exciting new location— soon to be announced! To make this transition smooth and successful, WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Please come out and show your support for the UCC on Saturday June 25th for a MEGA-FUND-RAISER party. With a new studio comes increased rent and moving costs. All money raised on this day will help tremendously with these expenses and make this move possible. We are suggesting a $10 donation at the door.

The Lineup:

6PM: CAPOEIRA ANGOLA RODA FICA Seattle group, including Youth in Action and childrens class students





We would love to celebrate this exciting transition will ALL of you! Thank you for bringing your incredible axe, your good energy, to our humble home over the past year. Let’s move forward in unity, uplifting ourselves through dance and music!

Tango is About the Connection

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 at Union Cultural Center

Tango Workshops (Intermediate-Advanced for Tango Dancers) by Gabriela Condrea:

Tango is About the Connection (4:15-6:15pm):
This workshop is designed to fine-tune your skill of perceiving what your partner wants and hone your ability to ask for what you need without words. $20 prepay, $25 at the door

Feel the Music, Be the Music (6:30-8:30pm):
The tango couple is a musical instrument; both leads and follows contribute to musicality and participate in the conversation with the orchestra. In this workshop we will explore different ways of connecting and playing with various types of tango music (rhythmic, melodic, tango electronico, etc.). $20 prepay, $25 at the door

Gabriela Condrea
Facebook: “Tango is About the Connection”

Winter Open House at Union Cultural Center

Saturday Feb. 26, 2011

EVERYONE is welcome to come check out the vibrant community at the Union Cultural Center for WINTER OPEN HOUSE!

We have an awesome day planned, packed with classes from all the teachers at the UCC plus a Capoeira Angola workshop and roda with Treinel Daniel (FICA Oakland), and a Brazilian dance party with live Forró music!

12 – 12:45pm – Yoga – Megan Carrol
1 – 1:45pm – Brazilian dance – Dora Newman
2 – 2:45pm – West African dance – Manimou Camara
3 – 3:45pm – Afro-Peruvian dance – Giselle Carcamo
4 – 4:20pm – Wassa Dance – Lara McIntosh
4:25 – 4:45pm – Afro-Cuban folkloric dance – Mark Lilly
5 – 6pm – Capoeira Angola Workshop with Treinel Daniel from FICA Oakland
6 – 7pm – Capoeira Angola Roda
8 – 11pm Forró Dance Party – Forró No Morro
$10 suggested donation at the door. We will also have delicious food and drinks for sale. Please come out and support cultural arts and artists in your community.

16th Annual International Encounter of Capoeira Angola
“Nourishing the Capoeira Family”
September 2 – 5, 2010
FICA Seattle Studio and Camp River Ranch in Carnation, WA
Capoeira Angola Workshops
African Dance and samba Workshops
Movie Presentation
(see the videos in the Gallery page)

FICA Seattle presents: Youth IN Action
July 9 – September 2, 2010
FICA Seattle Studio
Calling ALL Youth!!!
ages 14 – 18
Play Capoeira Angola. Sing. Dance. Make Music and Friends. Take the Stage. Explore Non-Violent Self Expression. Eat Free Food. Paint a Mural with a Professional Artist. Speak Out Against Violence. Play more Capoeira Angola!
This FREE program is made possible by the City of Seattle’s Small and Simple Neighborhood Matching Fund.
Click here to Find Out More…

FICA Seattle Studio Open House
Sunday March 28 2010
954 E. Union, Capitol Hill
Brazilian Percussion Workshop
Brazilian Dance Workshop
African Dance Workshop
Capoeira Angola Workshop– All ages
Capoeira Angola Roda
Sambadance Performance w/ Tudo Beleza
(see photos in the Gallery)

Annual Womens Weekend Event
Friday – Sunday March 6 – 8, 2009
(see photos in the Gallery)

2008 Afro-Brazilian Festival / Pastinha Conference
Fri – Mon Nov. 14 -16 2008
(see photos in the Gallery)

2008 Summer Camp
12pm – 3pm Mon – Fri Aug. 4 – 8 2008
(see photos in the Gallery)

Friday Feb. 29 2008 6pm – Midnight

“Women’s Empowerment in Capoeira Angola” Weekend Event
Friday – Sunday March 14 – 16, 2008

Garage Sale & Open House
Garage Sale Saturday & Sunday October 29 & 30, 2005 10am-7pm
Open House Sunday October 30, 2005 10am-7pm
Lots of Great Items

Rainier Beach Community Festival
April 29-30, 2005
FREE! All Ages.
Performances, workshops, group discussion, community Roda and Party

5th ICAF International Womens Capoeira Angola Conference
March 11, 12, & 13, 2005
Workshops, Rodas, Music, Performances, Lectures, Panel Discussions

Open House & Garage Sale
Sunday November 14, 2004
Workshops, Music, & Food

Women’s Presence in Capoeira Angola
April 1-4, 2004
Fourth Annual Women’s event in Seattle

Homenagem ao Mestre Pastinha
November 7th, 8th & 10th, 2003 Seattle

November 9, 2003, 10-5pm
Seattle Central District

Mestre Jurandir Leads Capoeira Angola Workshops in Japan
May 22 – 28, 2002

“Samba & Orixas Rhythm” by Jorge Alabe
May 4-5, 2002
Seattle, WA

4th Annual FICA International Capoeira Angola Womens Encounter
March 8-10, 2002
Seattle, WA

Tribute to Mestre Pastinha Capoeira Angola Workshops w/ Mestre Cobra Mansa
November 9-11, 2001
Seattle, WA

Seattle Summer 2000 Capoeira Angola Encounter
August 25 – 27, 2000

Workshop with Mestre Cobra Mansa
Saturday & Sunday July 17 – 18th 1999

The Second Annual Capoeira Angola Encounter in Seattle